After the succes of the 2015 Seminar «How to make a successful European Project under the Erasmus K Action 1 Programme»,  Magenta organised the II Erasmus+ Seminar «Learn How to Prepare a Successful European Project for the Erasmus+ Programme» which was celebrated between 22, 23, 24 and 25 November 2016.

The Seminar involved organisations from Poland, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine and Spain. It was an opporunity to acquire knowledges and skills to prepare Projects, to network and to initiate the proposals design for the next Erasmus+ call.

Participants had the opportunity of beinf in touch with all the services offered by Magenta. They could visit our offices and facilities as well as meet our team and daily work in Erasmus+ and other international projects.

​The II Erasmus+ Seminar provided not only the key knowledge and competences to prepare a successful Projectbut also an opportunity to:

  • Ellaborate the own proposal with the complete supervisión of our team.
  • Meet with some of our collaborator in Mobility Projects: hosting companies, social organisations, etc.
  • Reinforce the international net of contacts of the Seminar participating organisations.
  • Stablish permanent relationships between the partner thanks to the personal and direct contact.
  • Enjoy Asturias: of course during the Seminar there was time for cultural visits.