Magenta organised in Oviedo-Spain on 16th, 17th and 18th December the International Seminar «Learn How to Prepare a Successful European Project under the Erasmus+ Programme» in which organizations from all around Europe were involved. The seminar was an opportunity to acquire knowledge and competences to prepare Mobilty Projects.

The Seminar provided not only the clues, keys and ideas to prepare a successful project, but aditionally the chance to:

  • Being part of a network in which several collaborations were generated. The result was the discussion of several proposals and subsequent projects with the advice of experts from our team. Each proposal was tracked by our people in detail. This activity was successful in terms of quality of the results and many of the projects were presented at the Erasmus + 2016 in February of the same year.
  • Meeting with the representatives of the companies for future Mobility Projects. It was also a chance to build lasting relationships with partners for projects through personal contact.
  •  The participants had the opportunity to become familiar with the services offered by Magenta and visiting our installations. They could learn more about Magenta, particularly in relation to the International Network and our ability to prepare and implement Mobility Projects. In addition to the facilities, the participants had the chance to visit our hostings and working hand-in-hand with Magenta´s team.