Socio-cultural Visits

Socio-cultural visits are a common denominator in all of our Mobility Projects.

To know the culture, history, traditions… of the mobility destination, Asturias or any other place in Spain, is always part of the Programme designed by Magenta for each Project.


Asturias is known as the natural paradise of Spain. Some of the cultural visits included in the Programme of the Projects whose destiny is Asturias are the following:

A City Open to the Sea

Gijón is history, sea, culture and nature. It is a city Romans fell in love with and that these days stands out as the connection between Asturias and the sea.

The Asturian Cliffs: Peñas Cape

The Asturian coast is full of cliffs. Peñas Cape is a protected area which perfectly represents the hug between the sea and the mountains in Asturias.

Oviedo. The Vetusta City and its Prerromanic Art

Oviedo has been and It is inspiration for artists. From the PreRomanesque, from which the city preserves monuments of incalculable historical and cultural value, It has increasingly become a symbol for Asturias with its cathedral, sculptures, squares, markets, museums…

The Reconquest.
Covadonga and
Cangas de Onís

The Battle of Covadonga, in the mountains of Asturias, started the Reconquered period in Spain. This natural environment, including Cangas de Onis, stands out not only for its historical importance, but also for its beauty both artistically with the Roman bridge in Cangas de Onis and natural with the cave of Covadonga and its lakes.

The Asturian Coast:
TheJurassic Area.    Ribadesella and Llanes

On the Cantabric Sea seashore, Asturias has more than 200 beaches and picturesque fishing villages. Its coast was already inhabited by dinosaurs, whose tracks remain on the area known as the Jurassic Coast.

Asturias Natural Paradise:
Bear Route / Kayaks in the Sella river

Discovering the natural paradise that is Asturias involves enjoy its nature and landscape. For it, there are many possible activities; among which stands out a walk or cycle along the Bear Route or canoeing the Sella river