PON: CAD. The designer’s pencil

Thanks to this PON project, the students of the I.T.S. Luigi Galvani completed a 4-week training period in Asturias in the area of ​​computer-aided design.

A group of 15 Italian students specialised in CAD or computer-assisted design had the opportunity to complete a training period in Asturias and develop related activities between 19 June and 16 July 2018. During this time, they learned about the 3D creation, the use of commands and the creation of layers, through which they developed a done project. Furthermore, this training was linked to the labour market with lessons on creative CVs, personal branding, labour risks, 3D printer workshops and an introduction to real business cases. They also carried out visits to companies such as: TRESA Elevators, Drone4Students, Domotica DaVinci, PRODINTEC, Weprot, Central Lechera Asturiana and El Gaitero.