Pon Project -Skills for the Development-, financed by the European Social Fund and the Education Ministry from Italy, has as objective to improve the professional competencies of the students from the South of the country.

Generating a link between the educational centers and the European labour market.

It is a Mobility Project developed abroad through different actions focused on the acquisition of professional and linguistic competencies: including, apart from theoretical-practice education, socio-cultural activities.

Magenta Consultancy manages all the stages that involves a Project with these characteristics:

  • we design the initial Programme for the Project’s application
  • we manage its development providing not only teachers but also tutors responsible of its monitoring
  • we prepare a Final Report that identifies its impact.

In this way, during last years we have taken over Pon Projects management in areas such as cuisine, ICT or touristic management.

However, our specialization in Mobility Projects and in the educational field allows us to manage any kind of Pon Projects through personalised management regardless the area and speciality in which participants develop their professional competencies.