Magenta Consultoría has managed and developed different European Projects both directly and indirectly. Thus, we have been part of the partnership of several Projects and we have managed Projects for other organizations.

  • Mutual Assistance – Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci (TOI)
    This Transfer of Innovation Project, in which Magenta represented the Spanish  partner, meant the opportunity to know the initiative promoted by Bhagavat  Educational Trust thanks to thatyoungsters at risk of social exclusion have the  opportunity to help orphaned and “street” children going for several days to Bulgaria  and Turkey. It is a Programme that, as the youngsters describe, changed their lives  because it is so motivated that this participation meant for them joining volunteer  projects, restart their training and/or accessing to the labor market.
  • I.C.T.2: Tourism and ICT for a sustainable development –PLM Leonardo da Vinci
  • Magenta was the intermediary organization that manages this Leonardo da Vinci  mobility project. Thanks to it, 8 young people from the Italian province of Belluno  participated who took part during 11 weeks in an internship in the following  organizations from the touristic sector: Vetusta Hotel, Recrea Asturias, ANCCP,  Audiovisual Cluster of Asturias, Abba Playa Gijon Hotel and Mar Violeta Association.
    Apart from this contact with the labor market, their stay in Asturias meant a high  improvement of their communication skills in Spanish. During 40 hours they  attended to a Spanish language course directed by the Magenta team. At the end of  this training all of them had a C1 level in Spanish oral expression.
  • Sophie: Developing women’s skills for the future labour market – Grundtvig Association
  • Sophie project involved women from all around Europe in the creation of informal  networks of access to the labor market. It helped to break the traditional stereotype  that associates the lack of technological skills with women, redirecting traditional  systems of career guidance to informal networks that connect at the same time  women from different European countries. Sophie also established a support  network for women who suffer the emotional consequences of unemployment by  offering them the opportunity to share experiences.
  • Web2U Seminar: Developing women’s skills for the future labour market – Grundtvig Seminar
  • In this seminar, held in March 2012, took part 17 women from different countries:  Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Latvia.  All of  them were, until that moment, reluctant to use new technologies because they  believed it required special skills they did not have or that it was useless for finding  employment and access to the labor market.Thanks to the participation in the seminar, they demystified the technology world.  They acquired the knowledge and skills needed to handle simple tools that allowed  them to recognize the potential of ICT. Throughout the week they created their own  blog, they developed their virtual CV and a video presentation, a portfolio EUROPASS,  Wikis, social networking accounts, etc.

According to our consulting service in European Projects, during the recent years we have prepared several projects for different organizations. Some of these projects have been:

  • For An Inclusive Europe. Erasmus+ K1 – Mobility of Yotuh Workers

Magenta designed this Erasmus+ Project for Cocemfe Asturias and, once it was granted by the Spanish National Agency, we developed the whole process of implementation, evaluation and justification. The Project that involved apart from Cocemfe Asturias the following partner organizations: EURO-NET (Italy), Kfar Hanoar Kyriat Shmona (Israel), COSVITEC (Italy), Egitimciler Birligi Sendikasi Corum Subesi (Turkey), Organization for Promotion of European Issues (Cyprus), Experimentáculo Associação Cultural (Portugal), West Midlands Tomorrow Ltd (UK) and Quarter Mediation (Netherlands); had as main objective to promote a real and effective inclusion for the disable European youngsters through the education and experience exchange of a group of professionals in the youth field.

In this way, it consisted on a training course developed between 13-21 June 2015, organised and coordinated by Cocemfe Asturias, in which 38 workers in the youth field from Italy, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Portugal, UK, Netherlands and Spain acquired the needed knowledge and strategies to design and implement actions focused on achieving an inclusive Europe.

The project has thus meant an answer to the educational deficiencies of workers in the youth field regarding inclusion and a small boost to shorten the distance between European youngsters and a real and effective enjoyment of equal opportunities.

  • Youngsters for Social Entrepreneurship. Erasmus+ K1 – Mobility of Youth Workers

The development of socio-labor inclusion programmes is one of the main areas in which we develop our work. Our experience in this field allowed us to design a project focused on promoting social entrepreneurship and adapted to  Mar Violeta Association, the Project’s applicant.
Granted the Project, Magenta took the responsibility of the whole process of implementation, evaluation and justification. In this way, we developed the whole project management whose primary objective meant to provide all people involved in it the necessary knowledge, skills and competences to promote effective programmes that promotes social entrepreneurship among young Europeans. With this objective, we organised course, held in Asturias-Spain, between 6 and 16 May 2015 with 24 youth workers from each of the partner organizations.

Colegiul Tehnic Gheorghe Cartianu (Romania), Kfar Hanoar Kyriat Shmona (Israel) and West Midlands Tomorrow Ltd (UK) and Mar Violeta (Spain) exchanged experiences, analysed models of good practice and reflected on the skills, strategies, resources and the methodology that should be adopted bythe programmes focused on promoting social entrepreneurship among youngsters.

  • Erasmus+ VET TEEN

Erasmus + VET TEEN is a project managed by Magenta Consultoría Project which involves 25 young peole of Italian nationality. The project takes place in Asturias from 12 march 2017 until 12 April 2017 in order to provide students a month of practices and experience in the areas of management, plumbing, social assistance, topography and tourism.

  • MIT Europe. 

The goal of this Erasmus+ project was to provide an internship period abroad, in this case in Spain in Spanish enterprises, for students and to offer them the chance to acquire practical knowledge in order to face their incorporation to the labour market. In addition, the students got the chance to improve their level of English and Spanish.

  • TREES – “Three-dimensional Resources for Enhancing E-Skills”.

For the development of the project “TREES Three-dimensional resources to improve electronic skills” (project code 2015-1-IT01-KA102-004361), under the Erasmus + program, thanks to the mobility of Italian students from the Branch 3D printing to Asturias. It is menaged by Magenta Consultoria Project. It is a project of 5 students of Italian nationality. These guys are students in the field of fashion and 3D printing design, ranging from a job for a period of time from March 20 to April 23. ​