The purpose of ENACTED – European Network of Active Civil socieTy for Education and Diversity (Proj. Numb. 2019-1-IT-EPPKA3-IP1-SOC-IN) is to establish a new, currently absent, yet much needed, online networking platform connecting European Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and primary and secondary schools that work with disadvantaged migrant and refugee children and aim at providing Quality and Inclusive Education to all learners. This online network has the capacity to enable the better communication, cooperation, exchange of good practices, mutual support, and development of common values between CSOs and schools.

The ENACTED platform advances and evaluates existing innovative inclusive practices developed by CSOs and schools, while it contains several functions for its server users, teachers and CSOs practitioners (formal and non-formal educators), such as peer learning and mentoring services, crowdsourcing, and round tables (virtual, physical). In addition, ENACTED’s planned activities include capacity building sessions for educators, as well as the drafting of a Charter of Common Values for Education and Diversity to be produced by participating educators and other engaged relevant stakeholders.

The project further incorporates upscaling plans aiming at introducing its innovations to countries outside its partnership, as well as dissemination of policy recommendations for the practice of inclusive education, based on evidence produced during its project activities. In terms of the project’s impact, ENACTED directly responds to teachers’ needs for training in inclusive education practices and continuous professional development by empowering them through the establishment of collaborative links with CSOs actors. Simultaneously, ENACTED answers to many CSOs’ needs who need greater communication channels with stakeholders for showcasing and validating their work. Finally, ENACTED plays a crucial role in complimenting government programs by nourishing viable government/civil society partnerships.