Magenta Consultancy participates in the following Erasmus+ KA3 project:

InClusIon of Refugee ChiLdren in Education (CIRCLE)

The aim of this project is to develope and implement innovative methods and practices to foster inclusive education and/or youth environments in specific contexts, supporting the inclusion of newly arrived migrants in good quality education.


  • Design diagnostic tool(s) for the assessment of prior learning and the classification of new students in Reception Classes and formal primary & lower/upper secondary school classes (incl. tool to explore host country language knowledge).

  • Design mechanism for the validation of prior learning of newly arrived migrants/refugees (especially those with no school leaving certificates) and equivalence of school leaving certificates with host countries certificates so that children can enrol in lower/upper secondary schools or vocational schools (or higher education).

  • Develop a certification system and procedures for the integration and progress of newly arrived migrant/refugee children in the various levels of compulsory and non-compulsory education (Certification procedures are required both for the children who have attended Reception Classes and for those who have not).

  • Provide training to educational leaders and educators (teachers, regional directors, school principals, school advisors/counsellors etc.) on the use of the developed tools.

  • Develop operational and/or policy recommendations to promote the use of the developed tools to decision and policy makers.

  • Targeted awareness-raising.