In many EU countries and at European level there is a general desire to support and further improve the participation of young people in civil society.

YOUC! (Proj. Numb. 2018-3-FR02-KA205-015134) aims to improve the skills of young activists and educators to engage young people at risk of social exclusion in activities that benefit local communities, improving the empowerment and social inclusion of young people as well as their networks with local citizens.

The project will develop a methodology and toolkit that young activists and youth educators can use in their projects.

A group of young activists and volunteers will contribute in all partner countries to the development of this project. The young people involved in it will also choose a problem in their local community and try to solve it using the methodology and tools developed by the project.

The project methodology is based on experience, cooperative learning, teamwork and participatory action research.

The partnershipis composed of youth and research organizations based in France, Poland, Spain, Latvia.

About 100 young people at risk will participate in the pilot project and about 200 young activists and youth educators will take part in the training activities organized by the project.

The long-term benefit will be a more effective methodology for promoting the civic participation of young people at risk in local communities.


YOUC! Call for Tender

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