The profound changes occurred both in the training and professional systems of contemporary dance in the last 20 years can be considered a “revolution” that still affects the entire sector. If by “modern dance” we can define the developments that, starting from the late XIX Century, led to a new way of conceiving the movement as opposed to the classical academic ballet, the role of several professional figures working in the field has even more changed in the contemporary era.

UP2DANCE (Proj. Numb. 2019-1-IT01-KA202-007609) aims support the modernisation of education and training systems, in particular through a better use of EU transparency and recognition tools and the exchange of good practices concerning the dance industry at European level, in order to boost the process of harmonisation and update of curricula of the professional profiles according to the requirements of the contemporary scenario. Some key professional figures to be addressed throughout the project have already been identified by the Coordinator and surely include the following:

• ballet maitre
• choreographer
• dramaturg
• dance teacher
• dancer
• digital set designer
• technicians