The idea of “doing theatre” as a means to support different disadvantaged groups at risk of social exclusion is quite ancient. Good practices are spread all over Europe, showing the potentials, effectiveness and transversal applicability of this methodology, which can be successfully applied to any age groups and adapted to several targets affected by different kinds of social disease. In a few words, this educational approach is based upon the idea of developing key competences and skills, increasing sense of initiative, self-confidence and self-esteem by practising theatre, thus facilitating social inclusion.

According to these premises, this project aims to promote cooperation and the exchange of good practices at European level and take advantage of the EU transparency and recognition tools to increase the training opportunities and employability of professionals working in the field of Social Theatre.

In particular, the Specific objectives of the REcognition of the Social Theatre Operator as a professional to tackle the Risk of social Exclusion (Proj. Numb. 2019-1-IT02-KA204-06324) project are:

• To promote the diffusion of Social and Community Theatre as an effective means for social inclusion of disadvantaged adult learners.
• To strengthen cooperation and facilitate the exchange of good practices in the field of non-formal education among partner organisations.
• To jointly develop and validate a training course addressed to STO
• To boost a process for the recognition and standardization at EU level of the SOCIAL THEATRE OPERATOR (STO), a new professional figure defined in terms of knowledge, competences and skills.


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