The rationale of the NAME project -New Actions for Migrant womEn- (Proj. Numb. 2019-1-DK01-KA204-060282) can be summarized as: the current economic boom throughout Europe intensifies the demand for labour reserves who are current not available for employment. Cer-tain segments of non-Western women belong to the labour reserves, as they didn’t increase their employment rate during the last decade. In terms of integration, we also face a political agenda pointing at non-Western women as important role models to pave the way to education and self-support for the new generations of other ethnic origins.The overall aim is to promote and improve the opportunities for employment, selfsupport and a safe and independent everyday life within the framework of an equal citizenship in accordance with the needs and requirements among non-Western/migrant women in accordance with a thorough needs analysis based on a holistic approach. This will be described and implemented on the basis of a new Jobpackage concept and local cross-sectoral Jobpackage Councils etc.

The NAME partnership is composed by partners from Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Cyprus and Spain.