My Community 2020 (Proj. Numb. 2018-1-UK01-KA204-048000) was designed to develop new innovative tools to make a fundamental contribution in the field of digital skills and digital heritage. This project creatively weaves these two themes through the participation of adult students with low digital skills in a training program through which they will create audio and video recordings of stories to create the local history of tomorrow.

The United Kingdom, Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia and Spain participate in this project. Through the collaboration of these seven countries, the goal is:

  • To increase the digital skills and employability of participants, as well as to improve their communication skills, their level of trust and their awareness of the local cultural heritage.

  • To design a training course with modules covering aspects related to narrative, local history, interviews, local media, digital skills and more, so that participants acquire the digital skills necessary to record and edit videos and recordings.

  • To conduct a pilot training course with ten adults in each participating country.

  • To implement training and involve the community through interviews with residents, politicians, teachers and workers in different areas.

  • To create a manual to connect with local communities and create a European network regarding the daily lives of European citizens.

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