Despite living in a globalised world, societies are becoming increasingly individualised. This has dire consequences for the survival and well-being of all citizens, who feel less and less part of a community that can protect them. European projects have the responsibility to revive the collective feeling to restore hope in the human and international future.

The Feel the Roots Project (No. 2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000029094) aims at fostering European identity through the recognition of the common cultural roots of all project partner countries, with the intention of bringing young people closer to the cultural and folkloric background of their country and other European countries, and to explore how they are interconnected.

The project uses digital tools and new technologies to promote tradition and bring young people closer to their cultural roots and reinforce European tradition, which can be defined as the feeling of being European as a fundamental part of one’s social identity.

The main objectives of this project are:

  • Promote European identity through the knowledge and dissemination of cultural heritage in the partner countries.
  • To value and protect the intangible cultural heritage
  • To promote solidarity and social cohesion.
  • Promote the use of new technologies in the field of education to improve the quality of life of students in Europe.

In addition to Magenta, associations from Iceland, Lithuania, Hungary and Cyprus are participating in this project.