The project Be-Aware (Proj. Numb. 2018-1-AT01-KA202-039286) addresses sexual harassment in the workplace from the point of view of promoting its prevention. To this end, it focuses on the implementation of on-the-job training with vocational training teachers, trainers, human resources managers, employee representatives, etc. to equip them with the necessary skills to act and prevent harassment.

This project aims:

  • To collect transnational information on best practices with a view to integrating different cultural, generational and gender aspects.

  • To implement quality training for workers’ representatives, managers, mentors, trainers and supervisors who can be contacted by victims so that they can address this issue professionally and to raise awareness among members of the organization.

  • To promote appropriate prevention strategies and the implementation of grievance systems within organizations.

With these measures, the objective is to reduce the number of women who do not dare to report these behaviours due to the lack of structures to combat harassment within organizations, as well as to raise awareness and how to prevent and act in case of sexual harassment in the workplace.

This project is currently in its initial phase and will end in 2021.

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