Nowadays, we are increasingly hearing the term active aging. The gradual increase in life expectancy and the number of older people in society has increased the importance and feeling of old age as a phase of life in developed countries. Sadly, the majority of this growing number of older people, after reaching retirement, find themselves in a certain occupational void, as they no longer have to continue their education or work. Many of them also end up in isolation in nursing homes and similar facilities.

The AGES: Actively aGing European Seniors project (project no. 2020-1-TR01-KA204-092414) seeks to correct this situation through education, so that older people can age actively and integrate into society. To achieve this, the young population will also be involved, through volunteers who will share their digital knowledge with the elderly, while learning from them. The objectives of this project, which includes partners from Turkey, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain, are:

  • Encourage the participation of people of all ages in lifelong learning, reaching a percentage of at least 25%.
  • Equip senior citizens with the basic needs and skills of our time, such as basic computer, financial and health literacy and communication skills.
  • Help senior citizens integrate into society by encouraging intergenerational dialogue with young people and knowledge transfer.
  • Raise awareness of the need to maintain active aging.

In order to achieve these objectives, AGES will carry out different intergenerational activities, including health seminars, outdoor sports activities during the World Day of Older Persons, memory and laughter therapy activities, traditional arts or theatre.