Erasmus+ KA1

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Erasmus+ KA1 Courses

he Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ Programme- Learning Mobility of Individuals- includes the development of Projects focused on the promotion of the professional enrichment of:

  • Vocational Education Staff.
  • School Education Staff.
  • Adult Education Staff.
  • Higher Education Staff.

According to the Erasmus+ Programme philosophy and to the current lifelong learning needs of the educational professionals at a European level, Magenta Consultancy has designed the following Educational Offer:

    • Spanish as a foreign language
    • Spanish for foreigners: Methodological approaches, strategies and tools for teachers
    • Language, life and culture in the Spain today
    • Effective Communication in Spanish language
    • Oral competence in Spanish language
    • Spanish as a job search tool
    • Spanish History

    *Educational offer available of other languages.

  • Teaching in a second language: the bilingual education
  • CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning
  • Bilingual education: learning through a second language
  • Spanish as a second language
  • CLIL. 4 Cs: Content, communication, cognition and culture
  • An association: one organization, much people sharing aims
  • How manage it successfully
  • Social media for youth associations
  • Intergenerational programmes development
  • Leadership Skills
  • Speaking in public strategies
  • Coaching tools and strategies for new coaches: Listening, questioning and playing back. Transactional analysis. Listening with high quality attention
  • Team building coaching strategies
  • Emotional intelligence and education
  • Coaching and mentoring in organizations
  • Life-coaching: A door to physical and mental health
  • Working self-steem through coaching
  • Coaching skills for educators
  • Coaching. How to introduce it in organisations
  • Mentoring processes for entrepreneurs
  • The art of asking in mentoring processes
  • NLP. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Neuroscience applied to coaching and mentoring processes
  • Discovering the talent. Multiple intelligences through coaching methods
  • Multiple intelligences holistic approach
  • Guidance in vocational education 
  • Employability: Methods & Tools
  • IT Textile & Tools
  • Learning school abilities and discipline courses, for photograph teachers

* Apart from the proposals included in the above Educational Offer, Magenta Consultancy designs personalised training according to the aims of each Project.