What are European Projects?

European Projects are those projects framed within specific calls that aim at achieving the political objectives of the European Union, following a specific agenda. These projects are implemented by a transnational consortium and are either fully funded or co-funded by the EU.

Any organisation intending to be active in this field of activity cannot overlook the wide European dimension and the great opportunity that European projects offer to access innovative experiences carried out in similar entities in other countries or to develop common actions with other entities and multidisciplinary teams.

In Magenta Consultoría we have diversified our services to respond to changing market variations regarding social matters, and thus expand our business offer into new growing areas such as training and languages.

In the last few years, to be fully equipped to face the future and meet the needs of our new society, we have expanded our objetives towards a new market niche: The design, management and implementation of European Projects.


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Education And formation

Equality and social welfare

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