Magenta Consultoría offers institutions and companies the opportunity to access innovative experiences in Europe.


– Innovative experiences implemented in similar entities in other countries.

– Innovative actions in conjunction with other entities and multidisciplinary teams.

We offer you a European Projects Consultancy Service that includes the following services: 

  • Search of calls adapted to the size, principles and aims of your organization by monitoring policies and programs

  •  Dissemination of proposals for our project portfolio

  •  Search of suitable partners for each proposal through specialized databases

  •  Coordination of transnational partnerships, distributing tasks and solving conflicts

  •  Support in transnational meetings

  •  Advice services in budgetary matters

  •  Management of administrative processings

  •  Documents’ translation and consecutive translation for meetings

  •  Intermediation with official institutions

  •  Design of agreements with each project’s partner

  •  Development and implementation of projects, programmes and/or training activities

  •  Delivery of the final assessment report at an internal level

  •  Monitoring of the project, its results and the improvement of each partner

Magenta Consultoría provides technical assistance for your organisation to prepare your own project proposal or to join projects promoted by other organisations in Europe.

* If you want further information or if you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us and we will elaborate a tailor-made proposal for you.

** In some calls, depending on the work load, Magenta will work from a success point of view; in this case your organisation won’t have to advance any funds. In case the project was awarded, we would sign a collaboration agreement.