After a few months, we’re back on track!

At first, we had taken some time to give a new focus to our blog, to think and rethink the multiple options it offers us. And, when we were more or less clear about the direction we wanted to take and were thinking about starting it up again, we were overwhelmed by the new situation caused by a global pandemic. Who was going to tell us? But that is how it was.

These last months we have not stopped working and learning, adapting to a new, incredibly new situation!

But, finally, with things a little calmer, we are resuming the publications in this small space on our website. Here you will be able to follow the latest news about Magenta and get to know better the European Projects we are working on, as well as their evolution and results, among many other things that we have prepared for you.

Don’t miss it! We are waiting for you!