This Project to promote awareness, cooperation and education in the field of Gender Violence, in wich Magenta Represents Spain, is an initiative through which it will be possible to reach women survivors os Gender Violence with the objective of empowering them through Gamification. Games have the unique ability to achieve conentration for long periods of time, to develop potential and build meaningful relationships among groups of people, so that its application in the fight against gender violence is of great relevance

Innovative methods of adult education for the future of europe

Innovative methods of adult education for the future of Europe Project is a response from the possibilities offered by the Erasmus+ program to the need for adult education to respond to the current challenges of the European Union. In particula, the Project is focused on social ntegration. Four organizations with experience in working with adults (project representatives from Poland, Spain, UK, and Italy) will share their experiences, methodologies, strategies and resurces to define a transnational response to the social challenge of integration as well as the need to Promote the formation of an "open" public opinion towards diversity and freedom.

On these lines we leave a photograph of our first meeting of the project in which you can see te representatives of the different countries involved.

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Erasmus + VET TEEN is a project managed by Magenta Consultoría Project which involves 25 young peole of Italian nationality. The project takes place in Asturias from 12 march 2017 until 12 April 2017 in order to provide students a month of practices and experience in the areas of management, plumbing, social assistance, topography and tourism.

Erasmus + MIT es un proyecto ccordinado por el Cooperativo Cosvitec admnistrado por la Asociación MAgenta Consultoría Project con 40 participantes de nacionalidad italiana.

El objetivo de este proyecto es proporcionat una experiencia laboral en el extranjero en este caso en empresas españolas que les ofrece la oportunidad de adquirir conocimeintos prácticos de cara a su salida al mundo laboral y además de forma paralela el alumnado en prácticas optimiza su nivel de inglés y español.

For the development of the project "TREES Three-dimensional resources to improve electronic skills" (project code 2015-1-IT01-KA102-004361), under the Erasmus + program, thanks to the mobility of Italian students from the Branch 3D printing to Asturias. It is menaged by Magenta Consultoria Project. It is a project of 5 students of Italian nationality. These guys are students in the field of fashion and 3D printing design, ranging from a job for a period of time from March 20 to April 23. 

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