Grants’ management

The grants’ management service is a free service offered by Magenta to all organizations that agree our team will be who manages and develops the applied Programme-Project in case of approval.

(This free-of-charge depends on the conditions and extent of the Programme-Project required by each call).


1st Phase.

 Identification and Preparation.

The process of identifying and preparing applications includes:

  • Grants’ Search 

According to the profile of each organization, Magenta makes a report about the grants the organization can apply for. 

  •  Design of the Project and Submission 

The Project preparation to apply for grants includes, in addition to its design, an intermediation service with official bodies and financial advice.

2nd Phase.

 Management and Development.

This second phase involves Programme-Project planning, once it has been funded, and implementation.

3rd Phase. 

Evaluation and Report 

Once finished the Project execution, Magenta assesses it according to the contributions of all people involved in its development (participants and trainers).

This evaluation is part of the Final Report of the Project.    


*This first phase requires written agreement between Magenta Consultancy and the organization applying for the grant. The agreement states that Magenta Consultancy is the organization that manages and develops all the activities, programmes, workshops, etc. included in the submitted Project in case of approval.


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