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Language Immersion in Malta

Magenta offers educational stays in Malta to learn English. This way you can enjoy a dream vacation and improve your English language skills, while making the most of your stay thanks to supporting activities such as socio-cultural visits and workshops.

Magenta Consultoría offers two courses with different duration, but both include the following:

  • English lessons: this programme is designed for students who want to deepen their knowledge of English and practice in real life situations, in order to be able to use English in different contexts and with great fluency. The programme is designed to be practical and focuses on oral communication, prioritizing listening,  comprehension and oral expression.
  • Socio-cultural tours: full-day visits are carried out weekly, creating meaningful experiences that encourage participation and group communication as well as cultural integration in the daily life in Malta.
  • Complementary workshops: the course includes many activities that take place in the afternoon, encouraging teamwork and an entrepreneurial attitude.

There are two different courses:

Two-week course (62 hours). This course consists of English lessons (30 hours), tours (20 hours) and workshops (12 hours)

Four-week course (154 hours). This course consists of a English lessons (100 hours), tours (30 hours) and workshops (24 hours).