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Magenta Consultancy is specialised in the design, programming and development of Basic Social Salary Programmes.

Our main goals are both motivate and empower people

The perception of basic social salary entails participating in comprehensive programmes that favor the incorporation and social integration of people and groups at risk of exclusion, especially in the fields of  health, housing, education, training and employment.

According to this premise, Magenta provides a Training Offer specialised targeted to people at risk of social exclusion that meets their needs regarding usefulness, interest and motivation for self-improvement and improvement at an educational, labour and social level.

Our main goals are both motivate and empower people participating in our programmes and improve and enhance their professional competences facilitating their access to the labor market.


As we consider essential satisfy the real needs of the participants in the Social Inclusion Programmes, Magenta offers a fully flexible Training Offer and adaptable to the specific profile of the Social Basic Salary users; besides the possibility to develop personalised Training Programmes..

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Programme of Social Incorporation

As established in Article 30 of Law 4/2005 of Principality of Asturias, of Social Basic Salary, some of the actions that could and should include a Programme of Social Incorporation are the following:

  • Actions aimed to promote personal stability, the balance in the cohabitation and the social inclusion and participation; especially in the environment of their everyday life.
  • Actions that allow the acquisition and development of previous skills and habits to the acquisition of new educational and training knowledge.
  • Specific training activities, formal or not, that allows adjust the basic level of education or the professional skills to the demands of the labor market and of the productive environment.
  • Actions that make possible the access to a job, either as an employees or through a self-employment project.
  • Other actions that facilitate social and labor incorporation.

*In this regard, Magenta develops Programmes of Professional Training developing training activities in areas such as: sales techniques and commercial skills, home care, pouring cider, cooking, entrepreneurship, obtaining a driver’s license, etc.

Specific Programmes of Basic Social Salary

According to the needs of the group of people at risk of social exclusion, Magenta develops, apart from Training Programmes, Specialised Assistance Programmes for users of Social Basic Salary such as:

  • Programme of Socia-Labour Inclusion and Orientation.
  • Housing Programme.
  • Cohabitation Programme.
  • Programme of Individualised Assistance for users.