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Our company is a consultancy specialized in social areas and in European projects development formed by a young and multidisciplinary team that adapts to customer needs.

We always trying to meet the needs and comfort of our customers, moving ourselves to final destination  and awarding professional best suited to the needs of the customer, ensuring, in this way, the success of our services.Our company philosophy is based on people.

For that reason, the base of our company is the team that integrates MAGENTA, taking care of every detail and forming an effective and high performance team without leaving aside reconciling family, personal and work life,  creating an excellent atmosphere that is reflected in our dealing with customers, as well as with the network of partners that we have not only within the region or country but around the world.


The methodology we use is tailored to customers and their needs, always aiming to improve the personal, social and professional life of our final beneficiaries in each respective programme we develop.

Our Services

If you want to know more about the services we offer, we encourage you to please click on the other tabs to find more info on the web or through our phone numbers or emails and, of course, if you prefer to visit us, we will be delighted to welcome you to our office.

We hope to establish lasting and stable partnerships and that our work satisfies you.



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